Free eBook & Kickstarter!

I’ve written a children’s book (with help from my dad) about the Twanimals, characters I came up with 2 years ago when I was 8. It’s available as a free eBook: You can also get (or give) printed copies of the book to kids you love, or donate copies to a children’s literacy program through our Kickstarter:! Be sure to go to the Kickstarter to see our fun promo video about the book. Here’s what Jessica Payne from Kids Need to Read had to say about the book: This is a beautiful book and we would love to share it with children across the country. The art is really well done and I love the punny names of your characters. I also enjoyed that your book helps to explain to younger children what is happening in the country right now in an entertaining and non-scary way. I would Read More

First Twanimals book coming soon!

Hey everyone! It’s Mary. I’m so excited to say we have a new story coming out soon! “Twanimals and the CornYoga Virus” is currently in the process of being illustrated. The book is perfect for now because it’s about how Girolphin, Bouse, and Dorkeypine help other animals stay safe from the CornYoga virus, and how they stay entertained when school is canceled and they can’t see their friends. If your interested in checking out “Twanimals and the CornYoga Virus” by going to Leave us a comment if you have any feedback. Stay tuned for news of the printed copy of “Twanimals and the CornYoga Virus”, which will be available on Kickstarter very soon. Best, Mary

Social Media Update

Hi everyone! It’s Mary! I’m happy to say that Twanimals has just released it’s first social media posts! Charlie and Jack Lerch, our assistants, have filmed and posted these videos on “The Pickler” and “Jack Lerch” their YouTube channels. Go to or open the app now to see our new advertisements! If you’re new, the word “Twanimals” means “two animals in one”. My dad and I have been creating Twanimals since 2017, and now we’re turning them into stuffed animals! Bouse the beaver-mouse, Girolphin the giraffe-dolphin, and Dorkeypine the donkey-porcupine are 3 of the Twanimals that we’re turning into plush toys. For more information about Twanimals, visit, or follow my blog! Twanimals is also creating videos on other forms of social media, such as TikTok. @charcharlerch, our TikTok account, has various videos on Twanimals like Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine. You can also find us on sites like LinkedIn, Read More

Fall 2020 Kickstarter update

Hi guys! It’s Mary! I’ve got some information about Twanimals’ upcoming Fall Kickstarter. In case you’re new, Twanimals means “two animals in one” My dad, John Lerch and I are working to turn Twanimals like Bouse, the beaver-mouse into adorable plush toys, stickers and more. For more about Twanimals, visit or read my other blog posts. For our Fall Kickstarter, my dad and I are featuring Bouse, Girolphin the giraffe-dolphin, and Dorkeypine, the donkey-porcupine. includes full stories about Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine if you would like to know more about them. Lately, my dad and I have been brainstorming ideas for Kickstarters. We’ve come up with lots of funny ideas, some inspirational ones, and a tad bit of serious.Our favorite funny idea is the first one we came up with: an add for Girolphin. Here’s what it’ll look like: PERSON HOLDING GIRAFFE STUFFED ANIMAL AND DOLPHIN STUFFED ANIMAL: Read More

Progress update: February 17, 2020

Hey everyone! It’s Mary! We’re sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted on the blog! We’re in 2020 now, a big year for Twanimals. The beginning of this decade brings great news: the first Twanimals have been delivered! Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine, our Twanimals that have been chosen to get designed first, arrived at the Lerch household on February 12, just last Wednesday. My dad, John Lerch and I are happy to announce our upcoming Kickstarter scheduled to be released this Fall. If you have any ideas for the Kickstarter, or feedback on Twanimals, just leave a review on or this blog post. You probably want to see the prototypes of Bouse, Girolphin and Dorkeypine, right? Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s a picture! Twanimals such as Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine should be ready for preorder in Fall of 2020. Just visit our website,, in Read More