How We Made our First Twanimals

We had a lot of options of Twanimals to make first, Girolphin, Dorkeypine, Toldfish, Bouse, Sturtle, and many more. I didn’t know which ones to choose. My dad suggested that we do a survey with the kids in my class. It’s called doing market research.

I got right to work on the computer. I would draw pictures of each Twanimal next to it’s name and a description of what two animals it is made of. Then I left a blank line for my friends to enter their vote.

Here is how the directions started: My dad, John Lerch, and me, Mary Lerch, are starting a company called Twanimals, which means “two animals”, but we haven’t quite gotten started yet. So we need you to help us out by voting on your favorite Twanimal and maybe even helping us create one!

Here is what the survey looked like:

twanimal survey

Bouse got the most votes, Girolphin got the second most votes, and Dorkeypine got the third most. So we made Bouse, then Girolphin, and finally Dorkeypine.

Next we wanted to have illustrations made of the Twanimals. We used a website called Guru to find someone to be our artist.  We put a post out that said we were looking for artists to draw our Twanimals and over 35 artists told us they would do it.  We looked at the work of the artists and chose Fanny Wen and Rondi Kutz to draw them to see which we liked.

Here was Rondi’s drawing of Girolphin:

Fanny’s drawing of Girolphin

It was a hard choice but after Fanny and Rondi had drawn Girolphin, we decided to pick Fanny to do our drawings and had her draw Bouse and Dorkeypine next.  The illustrations she did are now on our website.

My next blog post will be about how we got the plush prototypes made!