Progress update: February 17, 2020

Hey everyone!

It’s Mary! We’re sorry it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted on the blog! We’re in 2020 now, a big year for Twanimals.

The beginning of this decade brings great news: the first Twanimals have been delivered! Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine, our Twanimals that have been chosen to get designed first, arrived at the Lerch household on February 12, just last Wednesday. My dad, John Lerch and I are happy to announce our upcoming Kickstarter scheduled to be released this Fall.

If you have any ideas for the Kickstarter, or feedback on Twanimals, just leave a review on or this blog post.

You probably want to see the prototypes of Bouse, Girolphin and Dorkeypine, right? Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s a picture!

Mary, Charlie and Jack are SO excited about their new stuffed animals!

Twanimals such as Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine should be ready for preorder in Fall of 2020. Just visit our website,, in Fall to preorder an adorable Twanimal for an awesome Christmas present.

Stay tuned for more updates on Twanimals!


Mary Lerch