Social Media Update

Hi everyone!

It’s Mary! I’m happy to say that Twanimals has just released it’s first social media posts!

Charlie and Jack Lerch, our assistants, have filmed and posted these videos on “The Pickler” and “Jack Lerch” their YouTube channels. Go to or open the app now to see our new advertisements!

If you’re new, the word “Twanimals” means “two animals in one”. My dad and I have been creating Twanimals since 2017, and now we’re turning them into stuffed animals! Bouse the beaver-mouse, Girolphin the giraffe-dolphin, and Dorkeypine the donkey-porcupine are 3 of the Twanimals that we’re turning into plush toys.

For more information about Twanimals, visit, or follow my blog!

Twanimals is also creating videos on other forms of social media, such as TikTok. @charcharlerch, our TikTok account, has various videos on Twanimals like Bouse, Girolphin, and Dorkeypine.

You can also find us on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Stay tuned for more news of our progress, and of our Kickstarter coming Fall 2020. Make sure to check us out on social media!


Mary Lerch