Free eBook & Kickstarter!

I’ve written a children’s book (with help from my dad) about the Twanimals, characters I came up with 2 years ago when I was 8. It’s available as a free eBook:

You can also get (or give) printed copies of the book to kids you love, or donate copies to a children’s literacy program through our Kickstarter:! Be sure to go to the Kickstarter to see our fun promo video about the book.

Here’s what Jessica Payne from Kids Need to Read had to say about the book:

This is a beautiful book and we would love to share it with children across the country. The art is really well done and I love the punny names of your characters. I also enjoyed that your book helps to explain to younger children what is happening in the country right now in an entertaining and non-scary way.

I would love for as many kids as possible to read it.  Please share this with all your friends!  And if you see a post from me on social media please reshare and like that too to help spread the word.

Thanks so much for your support.  Stay Safe and Healthy.


Mary Lerch